Cancer Incidence by Occupation and Industry in Tianjin, China, 1981-1987
IARC Technical Report, No 22
Wang, Q.S., Boffetta, P., Kogevinas, M., Parkin, D.M.
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English     1994        101   pages
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A detailed presentation and analysis of the associations between occupation and industry of employment and cancer among men and women registered in the Cancer Registry of Tianjin, China, where the occupation and industry of employment of each cancer case have been recorded since 1981. The report marks the first systematic analysis from a developing country of cancer registry data on occupation and industry.
The study, conducted in an area that has undergone rapid and widespread industrialization, confirmed a number of known or suspected occupational risk factors linked to cancer in the developed world. Findings include an excess risk for oral cancer among workers employed in electricity-related occupations or industries, an excess risk of oral and laryngeal cancer among leather workers, and an increased risk of Hodgkin's disease among workers in the paper industry. Of particular interest was the finding of an increased risk among metal workers of lung cancer and an increased risk of non-melanocytic skin cancer, a finding that may be explained by exposure to mineral oils. The study also allowed the identification of industries in which substantial exposure to asbestos may have occurred. Other associations confirmed by the study are an increased risk of cancer of the lung, bone and brain in electrical and electronic workers, an increase of bladder cancer risk among chemical workers, and an increase of leukaemia risk among workers, such as painters and metal workers, who may be exposed to solvents.