Social Inequalities and Cancer
IARC Scientific Publications, No 138
Kogevinas, M., Pearce, N., Susser, M., Boffetta, P.
ISBN-13    9789283221388 ISBN-10    9283221389
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English     1997        420   pages
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In both industrialized and lessdeveloped societies, cancer incidence and survival are related to socioeconomic factors. This fascinating volume, the first to examine the magnitude of these socioeconomic differences in relation to cancer, provides vital information for all those interested in public health. Cancer incidence and survival are related to socioeconomic status in both industrialized and less developed countries. These differences can be explained, in part, by known risk factors, particularly tobacco smoke, occupational exposures, reproductive behaviour, diet and biological agents. The volume presents general considerations, evidence of social inequalities in cancer, explanations for social inequalities in cancer, and socioeconomic differences in health care.