Chemoprevention in Cancer Control
IARC Scientific Publication, No 136
Hakama, M., Beral, V., Buiatti, E., Faivre, J., Parkin, D.M.
ISBN-13    9789283221364 ISBN-10    9283221362
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Price    CHF    27.78 / US$    33.33 Developing countries:    CHF    19.45
English     1996        162   pages
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This book is a collection of discussions and presentations made by leading experts during a workshop to review the results of recent empirical studies on the effectiveness of chemopreventive agents on the reduction of cancer risk. The topics selected were intended to cover the main areas of research in this field over the last 5-10 years, as well as important issues concerning the design of research studies, cost-effectiveness of chemoprevention, and ethical concerns. A set of conclusions and recommendations are included to provide a guide to formulating future public health policy and research strategy.