Occupational Cancer in Developing Countries
IARC Scientific Publications, No 129
Pearce, N., Matos, E., Vainio, H., Boffeta, P., Kogevinas, M.
ISBN-13    9789283221296 ISBN-10    928322129X
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English     1994        202   pages
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Cancers due to exposures in the workplace in developing countries have received little attention, in part because of the overriding problems in those regions of communicable diseases, malnutrition and vulnerability to natural disasters. This book shows, however, that the global process of industrialization is resulting in increased exposures to occupational carcinogens in developing countries, owing to unsafe technology or ineffective legislation on occupational safety and health. These factors are exacerbated by the fact that a work-force with poor health and nutritional status, and which includes many women and children, is more vulnerable to many diseases, including cancer. The transfer of hazardous industries and wastes from developed to developing countries is of particular concern.

The importance of this publication is that it brings together in one place all the available published data on occupational cancer in developing countries. It presents the results of a survey carried out at IARC on common occupational exposures and measures that have been taken to control them. The overview indicates where information is lacking about the health effects of agents used in developing countries, many of which are banned or restricted elsewhere.