Pathology and Genetics Tumours of the Breast and Female Genital Organs
IARC WHO Classification of Tumours, No 4
TavassoÚli, F.A., Devilee, P.
ISBN-13    9789283224129 ISBN-10    9283224124
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English     2003        432   pages
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This WHO classification covers the female and male breast, ovaries, fallopian tumours, uterine cervix, uterine corpus, vulva, vagina and inherited tumour syndromes. It includes a comprehensive classification of benign and malignant neoplasms. Targeted readership includes pathologists, gynaecologists, surgeons, oncologists, and basic scientists. Similar to the previous volumes of the series, the book includes numerous color photographs, magnetic resonance images, CT scans and charts. In addition to its pathology and genetics, each lesion is described with its epidemiology, etiology, clinical features, as well as prognosis and predictive factors.