Climate Change and Human Health
Risks and Responses
Nonserial Publication
McMichael, A.J., Campbell-Lendrum,D.H, Corvalán, C.F., Ebi, K.L., et al.
World Health Organization
ISBN-13    9789241562485 ISBN-10    924156248X
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English     2003        333   pages
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Over the ages, human societies have altered local ecosystems and modified regional climates. Today, the human influence has attained a global scale. This reflects the recent rapid increase in population size, energy consumption, intensity of land use, international trade and travel, and other human activities. These global changes have heightened awareness that the long-term good health of populations depends on the continued stability and functioning of the biosphere's ecological, physical, and socioeconomic systems. The world's climate system is an integral part of the complex of life-supporting processes. Climate and weather have always had a powerful impact on human health and well-being. But like other large natural systems, the global climate system is coming under pressure from human activities. Global climate change is, therefore, a newer challenge to ongoing efforts to protect human health. This volume seeks to describe the context and process of global climate change, its actual or likely impacts on health, and how human societies and their governments should respond, with particular focus on the health sector.

"...The research base that demonstrates that the earth is warming at a rate unprecedented during post-hunter-gatherer human existence, and that this will have significant and serious impacts on human health, is now beyond dispute. If ever a review of growing evidence put this beyond question it is this superbly researched and comprehensive review... well worth the buy."
- South African Medical Journal