World Report on Violence and Health
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World Health Organization
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Violence is a major public health problem worldwide. Each year, over 1.6 million people lose their lives to violence. Violence is among the leading causes of death for people aged 15-44 years of age worldwide, accounting for 14% of deaths among males and 7% of deaths among females. For every person who dies as a result of violence, many millions more are injured and suffer from a range of physical, sexual, reproductive and mental health problems.
The World report on violence and health is the first comprehensive review of the problem of violence on a global scale - what it is, who it affects and what can be done about it. The report attempts to dispel the hopelessness that often accompanies any discussion on violence. Violence is preventable - it is not an intractable social problem or an inevitable part of the human condition. It is a multifaceted problem with biological, psychological, social and environmental roots. There is no simple or single solution to the problem. Violence must therefore be addressed on multiple levels and in multiple sectors of society simultaneously.
This report illustrates not only the human toll of violence but also exposes the many faces of interpersonal, collective and self-directed violence. Far from being a well-reported phenomenon that unfolds in the limelight of front-page stories, many acts of violence, as the report shows, are in fact hidden from public view and go unreported.
The report describes the magnitude and impact of violence throughout the world; examines the key risk factors for violence; gives an account of the types of intervention and policy responses that have been tried, and summarizes what is known about their effectiveness; and makes recommendations for action at local, national, and international levels.

". Many who live with violence day in and day out assume it is an intrinsic part of the human condition. But this is not so. Violence can be prevented. Violent cultures can be turned around..." - Nelson Mandela

"..saving our children from (childhood) diseases only to let them fall victim to violence or lose them later to acts of violence between intimate partners, to the savagery of war and conflict, or to self-inflicted injuries or suicide, would be a failure of public health." - Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, WHO Director-General

"... The content of this Report is harrowing. It deals with one of the greatest problems in society. It casts a new light on the genesis of violence..." - Irish Medical Journal