Preventing Maternal Deaths
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Royston, E., Armstrong, S.
World Health Organization
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English     1989        233   pages
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Explores the many complex factors responsible for the huge number of preventable maternal deaths that continue to occur each year. Utilizing more than 400 references to the literature, the book documents the range of problems - from personal fatalism, through social customs, to the shortcomings of the health services - that must be understood if the special and long-neglected health needs of women are to receive appropriate attention.
The opening chapter illustrates the dimensions of the problem through a review of available data on death rates and risks associated with childbearing. Numerous case histories and examples from field research are then used to explore the various social, cultural, and political factors which together determine the status of women, their health, fertility, and health-seeking behaviour. Having characterized the dimensions of the problem, the book turns to questions of causes and prevention. Readers are first introduced to the main diseases and complications of pregnancy, their chief cause, the types of women most likely to be affected, and relevant preventive actions. Deaths due to abortion are also considered. Other chapters concentrate on the complications, sometimes life-long, of pregnancy and labour, the logistic causes of maternal death as these relate to weaknesses and failures in the health services, and the specific changes in health care and family planning services needed to prevent maternal deaths.
"... an essential resource material ... will assist in gaining wider practical commitments for improvements in maternal health care ... "
- The Lancet
"... If you read only one book on motherhood in the developing world, then make it this one..."
- Midwives Information and Resource Service