Strategies for the Prevention of Blindness in National Programmes
Second Edition. A Primary Health Care Approach
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World Health Organization
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English     1997        111   pages
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A comprehensive guide to the development of well-planned national programmes for the prevention of blindness. Addressed to health planners and decision-makers in developing countries, the book responds to the very large number of people who have been either blinded or significantly visually impaired by conditions that are easily prevented or cured. National programmes, based on a primary health care approach, are put forward as the best strategy for reaching the many people who can benefit from simple, inexpensive, and effective measures delivered by trained health care workers.
The book has four parts. Part one introduces the concept of avoidable blindness and explains how well-planned activities, originating at the national level and incorporating systematic community-based action, can do much to eliminate avoidable vision loss. The essential components of national programmes are discussed in the second part. Part three, on primary eye care, helps planners understand what a national programme entails in terms of essential clinical activities, personnel and training, supplies and equipment, and training material. The most extensive part provides detailed advice on ways to combat each of the major blinding conditions: trachoma, blinding malnutrition, onchocerciasis, cataract, ocular trauma, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. Though recommended measures draw on the state-of-the-art in technical knowledge, emphasis is firmly placed on simple activities easily carried out at the primary health care level.