Legislative Action to Combat the World Tobacco Epidemic
Second edition
Nonserial Publication
Roemer, R., Daynard, R.A.
World Health Organization
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English     1993        310   pages
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Examines the ways in which legislation - whether involving comprehensive national laws or personal litigation against the tobacco industry - is being used to reduce tobacco use and promote the goal of a tobacco-free society. Drawing upon over 250 studies conducted throughout the world, the book concentrates on the many promising new legislative strategies that have developed within a climate of opinion that regards tobacco and sidestream smoke as toxic substances, gives priority to the non-smoker's rights, and rejects the industry's freedom to promote an addictive, lethal product. By describing and analysing recent legislation, the book also provides a heartening account of both the spread of legislation and the reasons for its increased strength and effectiveness.
The ten chapters which constitute the core of the book are organized to reflect two main categories of smoking control measures: those leading to changes in the production, manufacture, promotion, and sale of tobacco, and those designed to achieve changes in practice among smokers. On the production or "supply" side, five chapters describe measures involving the control of advertising and sales promotion, the use of health warnings and statements of tar and nicotine content, control of harmful substances in tobacco, restrictions on sales to adults, and economic strategies for decreasing tobacco production. Chapters concerned with controlling demand cover tax and price policies, legislation on smoke-free public places and workplaces, strategies for preventing young people from smoking, and the use of legislation to mandate health education.
"... outstanding ... should prove exceedingly useful for persons interested in legislative policies used for tobacco control..."
- Journal of Public Health Policy
"... essential reading..."
- Journal of the Institute of Health Education
"... the style is clear and the author does well to avoid swamping the reader with detail ... The naivety of voluntary agreements with the tobacco industry, and the need for comprehensive legislation to be supported by careful health promotion activities are clear when placed in the context of aggressive tobacco advertising in developing countries..."
- Journal of Public Health Medicine