Physical Status: The Use and Interpretation of Anthropometry
Report of a WHO Expert Committee
Technical Report Series, No 854
World Health Organization
ISBN-13    9789241208543 ISBN-10    9241208546
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English     1995        462   pages
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Presents comprehensive recommendations, developed in consultation with more than 100 experts, for the appropriate use and interpretation of anthropometry as a method with great potential to guide clinical decisions and public health policy. As the single most universally applicable, inexpensive, and non-invasive method available to assess the size, proportions, and composition of the human body, anthropometry reflects both health and nutritional status and predicts performance, health, and survival.
The report aims to give scientists, clinicians, and public health professionals a framework and context for the present and future uses and interpretation of anthropometry. Public health and clinical applications in all age groups, from infancy, through adolescence, to old age, are discussed and substantiated by more than 400 references to the literature.
For some groups, such as adolescents and the elderly, where previous research has been limited, the report provides a basis and impetus for future studies. For other age groups, such as infants and children, the report re-evaluates currently used reference data in the light of new knowledge and recommends important changes. Throughout, an effort is made to relate specific anthropometric indicators to the actions that can be taken on behalf of individuals or populations.
In a key achievement, the report sets out an extensive series of tabular reference data, recommended by the Expert Committee, that have not been widely distributed by WHO previously. Succinct summaries of recommendations for the use of anthropometry, in individuals and populations and for different age groups, are also provided.
"... clear and valuable practical instructions ... For anyone who uses anthropometry in routine practice, this book is indispensable..."
- Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health
"... of value to nutrition students, nutrition professionals, and other health care providers interested in evaluating nutritional status using anthropometric data..."
- Journal of the American Dietetic Association