International Certificate of Vaccination/Certificat international de vaccination(English/francais)
International Health Regulation (1969) /Règlement sanitaire international (1969)
World Health Organization
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To obtain the new certificate, based on the latest Regulations (2005) and which will be available in July 2007, please click on this link International Certificate of Vaccination (2005)

International Certificates of Vaccination, based on 1969 Regulations:
This booklet reproduces the model certificate, as prescribed by the International Health Regulations (1969), for recording vaccination or revaccination against yellow fever and other vaccinations recommended or advised by WHO. Prices listed apply only to orders sent directly to WHO (Please note that Certificates of vaccination are not sold individually. Please see quantity orders below). Orders for 5,000 copies or more can be overprinted with the name of the distributing agency at cost.

Prices (bilingual English/French)
50 copies: Swiss francs 25.-/US $22.50
100 copies: Swiss francs 50.-/US $45.00
500 copies: Swiss francs 225.--/US $202.50
1000 copies: Swiss francs 450.-/US $405.00
5000 copies: Swiss francs 2250.-/US $2025.00
50000 copies: Swiss francs 20000.-/US $18000.00

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