CDROM Quality Assurance of Pharmaceuticals. Updated 2011
A Compendium of Guidelines and Related Materials
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World Health Organization
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This CD-ROM includes the entire set of current WHO guidelines relating to quality assurance. All guidelines included in this collection have been prepared in consultation with the WHO Expert Advisory Panel on The International Pharmacopoeia and Pharmaceutical Preparations, with specialists from industry, national institutions, nongovernmental organizations, etc., through a vast global consultative process. The draft guidelines are evaluated during the meetings of the WHO Expert Committee on Specifications for Pharmaceutical Preparations and, if found suitable, adopted as international standards. This is a comprehensive updated edition of the compendium and it includes all current text most of which were published in the WHO Technical Report Series and in the Vol. 1 and 2 of the printed version of the Quality Assurance of Pharmaceutical Compendium.

This compendium brings it together to make it more accessible and of greater practical value to those working in faculties of pharmacy, in medicines regulation and control, and in the pharmaceutical industry.