Women, Aging and Health
Achieving Health Across the Life Span Third Meeting on the Global Commission on Women's Health (WHO/HPR/AHE/HPD/96.1 R
Document produced by the WHO Division of Health Promotion
Bonita, R.
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Sets out a conceptual framework, supported by specific lines of action, that can guide efforts to improve the health of aging women in developed and developing countries alike. Global in its approach, the report identifies certain health needs shared by all aging women, discusses their determinants, and then shows how these needs can be met through cost-effective strategies. Throughout the report, numerous facts, figures, and practical examples are used to illustrate both the great scope for improving the health of aging women and the feasibility of twenty-two precise strategies for action.
The most extensive section identifies health priorities for aging women in three main areas: major preventable causes of morbidity and mortality, major chronic disabling conditions, and mental health. Conditions discussed include cardiovascular diseases and cancers of the lung, cervix, and breast; trachoma, tuberculosis, and tropical diseases; musculoskeletal conditions, osteoporosis, urinary incontinence, and sensory impairment; and depression and dementia. Noting that many of these conditions are caused by the same factors, the report stresses the need for broad, population-based strategies that address common causes.
The determinants of older women's health are considered in the final section, which assesses the economic, social, cultural, and political factors which influence health and affect the quality of women's life as they age.