Mother-Baby Package: Implementing Safe Motherhood in Countries
WHO/FHE/MSM/94.11 Rev.1
Document produced by the WHO Division of Maternal & Child Health
Technical Units
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English     1995        110   pages
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Explains how the new WHO Mother-Baby Package can be used as a powerful tool for improving the health of mothers and infants - immediately and dramatically. Designed for use in national programmes in the developing world, the package consists of 18 simple interventions that have proven their capacity to reduce maternal and infant mortality in resource-poor settings. Recommended interventions were selected on the basis of considerable scientific knowledge about the causes of complications during pregnancy and childbirth and the best ways to prevent them. Pragmatic as well as scientifically valid, the package can be implemented within the existing health care system and without the need for sophisticated equipment, expensive drugs, or additional resources and facilities.
The document, which is addressed to national decision-makers and health planners, provides both an explanation of general strategies crucial to the success of the Package and a detailed guide to the actions required to implement each of the 18 core interventions. Concerning strategic issues, the book advocates an integrated approach to service delivery aimed at reducing the number of high-risk and unwanted pregnancies, reducing the number of complications, and reducing case fatality rates when complications occur. Essential service-related components of the package are identified as family planning, quality antenatal care, clean and safe delivery, and access to essential obstetric care for high-risk pregnancies and complications.
Against this background, the most extensive part of the document provides a detailed guide to the "what" and "how" of specific actions required to implement the Mother-Baby Package. The final chapter offers advice on general strategies for implementation.