Promoting Access to Medical Technologies and Innovation
Intersections Between Public Health, Intellectual Property and Trade
A WHO, WTO and WIPO publication
World Health Organization
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Table of contents
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Table of contents
Foreword by the Directors-General
Executive summary

Chapter 1. Medical technologies: the fundamentals
A. Public health and medical technologies: the imperative for international cooperation
B. The cooperating agencies: the WHO, WIPO and the WTO
C. The global burden of diseases and global health risks
D. Factors shaping public health policy

Chapter 2. The policy context for action
on innovation and access
A. Public health policy
B. Intellectual property, trade and other policy dimensions C. Economics of innovation and access to medical technologies
D. Traditional knowledge and traditional medicine

Chapter 3. Medical technologies: the innovation dimension
A. Historical pattern of medical R&D
B. The current R&D landscape
C. Overcoming market failure: the challenge of neglected diseases
D. Intellectual property rights in the innovation cycle
E. Sharing of influenza viruses and access to vaccines and other benefits

Chapter 4. Medical technologies: the access dimension
A. Access to medical technologies: the context
B. Health systems-related determinants of access
C. IP-related determinants of access
D. Other trade-related determinants for improving access

Annex 1. Overview of international key stakeholders
A. International organizations
B. Other international key stakeholders

Annex 2. Special compulsory licenses for export of medicines
A. Operation of the system: context and scope
B. Use of the system
C. Domestic implementation

List of figures, tables and boxes
Extended table of contents