Primary School Physical Environment and Health
WHO Global School Health Initiative WHO Information Series on School Health WHO/SCHOOL/97.2-WHO/EOS/97.15
Document produced by the WHO Division of Operational Support in Environmental He
Winblad, U., Dudley, E.
Technical Units
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English     1997        89   pages
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A report, from two architects, on conditions in schools around the world that challenges planners and teachers to rethink the way schools are designed and maintained. Drawing on their investigations of schools in a large number of developing countries, the authors cite evidence of frequent mistakes in the design and construction of school premises that have created appalling conditions and major health hazards for teachers and pupils alike. With these urgent problems in mind, the report combines several warnings with abundant practical advice about what communities and local governments can do immediately to improve conditions, even when resources are severely limited. To encourage action, line drawings are used throughout to illustrate the simple yet ingenious solutions that emerge when communities are determined to see their children educated.