Health Technology Transfer: Whose Responsibility?
XXIIIrd CIOMS Round Table Conference
CIOMS Round Table Conference
Bankowski, Z., Ada, G.L.
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English     1990        174   pages
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Records presentations from an international conference convened to address the many complex problems raised when health technology is exported to developing countries. Although major emphasis is placed on the problems created by expensive, highly sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic devices, the book also considers the need to transfer the fundamental benefits afforded by modern drugs and embodied in the local capacity to operate, maintain, and repair medical equipment. Throughout the book, an effort is made to alert both the providers and the recipients of health technology to the many factors that can doom such transfers to failure and cause setbacks rather than advances in a country's health system.
The book has three main parts. The first reviews several spectacular new technologies and examines their place in the health care systems of both industrialized and developing countries. The second part considers technology transfer from the distinctly different perspectives of the industrialized countries, which produce the technology, and the developing countries, which must absorb it. The final part looks for solutions that can lead to more responsible choices in the selection of health technologies and a better understanding of when potential benefits will be realized in practice.