E-book International Travel and Health 2011 (PDF format)
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This book explains how travellers can stay healthy and provides WHO guidance on vaccinations, malaria chemoprophylaxis and treatment, personal protection against insects and other disease vectors, and safety in different environmental settings. It covers all the principal risks to travellers' health, both during their journeys and at their destinations. It describes all relevant infectious diseases, including their causative agents, modes of transmission, clinical features and geographical distribution, and provides details of prophylactic and preventive measures.

Features of this new edition include:
. updated and improved vaccine-preventable disease descriptions
. updated vaccine recommendations and schedules
. revised list of countries and areas at risk of yellow fever
. updated country list with malaria information
. updated maps showing disease distribution
. updated information for travellers with HIV

This book is intended for the medical and public health professionals who advise travellers, but it is also a standard reference for travel agents, airlines and shipping companies - and for travellers themselves.