Domestic Violence: Women's Way Out
PAHO Occasional Publication, No. 7
ISBN-13    9789275122822 ISBN-10    9275122822
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English     2000        124   pages
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Sets out a conceptual framework and detailed research protocol for investigating how women who are victims of domestic violence go about seeking help. The protocol, which has been widely tested in ten Latin American countries, relies on a series of structured interviews to obtain information about the experiences of women as they search for assistance and the social factors that affect both access to services and the quality of support. Addressed to policy-makers as well as investigators, the book aims to show how research data can be used to improve existing services and develop better policies for prevention.
The book opens with a conceptual framework of family violence as a health and development problem in Latin America. Issues addressed include the failure of women to seek help or report domestic violence, entrenched attitudes that condone violence in the home, the social perceptions of service providers, including law enforcement agencies, and inadequacies in detection and record-keeping systems that mask the magnitude of the problem.
Against this background, the main part of the book presents the research protocol in full detail. Guidance is provided on use of the qualitative methodology, selection of information sources, sampling techniques, methods of data collection, field work, data coding and analysis, preparation of reports, and dissemination of results. Also included are model questionnaires for use in interviews with seven specific groups, a tabular guide to the presentation of data by category and code, and a detailed timetable of activities.