Guidelines for Vulnerability Reduction in the Design of New Health Facilities
PAHO Occasional Publication
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English     2004        106   pages
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When struck by large-scale natural disasters, hospital services are interrupted temporarily or permanently, mainly due to damage to their infrastructure. The operational loss of these facilities signifies more than the loss of the capital investments. Far more importantly, it has a major negative impact on the wellbeing and the socioeconomic development of the population and the country. This publication, produced in conjunction with the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for Disaster Mitigation in Health Facilities at the University of Chile, puts forward three potential levels of protection from adverse events, or performance objectives: life safety, investment protection, and functional protection. It seeks to spread far a new vision of the conception and construction of public health infrastructure. It is directed to health-sector managers, professionals, and technical consultants entrusted with managing, designing, building, and inspecting new health facilities.