Health in the Americas 2007
Volumes I and II
PAHO Scientific Publication, No 622
ISBN-13    9789275116227 ISBN-10    9275116229
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English     2007        1210   pages
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The 2007 edition of Health in the Americas offers two major innovations. The first provides, in addition to the present iteration of past trends in the Region, a vision of the future of health in the Americas. The second is a series of highlighted profiles on health challenges in each of the countries and how the respective national health sector is responding to those challenges.

Public health conditions evolve in, and are determined by, a larger context of social, political, economic, demographic, and epidemiological circumstances; thus this publication includes-in both the regional and the country volumes-an analysis of the general context of those health determinants. Next, the Region's and the countries' health status is viewed from the perspectives of specific populations-age, ethnic, gender, and other groups-and of specific health conditions- communicable diseases, chronic diseases, disasters, and the like. Finally, the publication elaborates on the health sector's response to those conditions-health policies and legislation, health services and systems, human resources, scientific and technological approaches to the solution of health problems, and international collaboration.