Nutrition, Health and Child Development
Research Advances and Policy Recommendations
PAHO Scientific Publication, No 566
ISBN-13    9789275115664 ISBN-10    9275115664
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English     1998        264   pages
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This publication reviews the state of knowl edge on the effects of health, nutrition, and stimulation on children's development and offers policy recommendations in this area. The book's 18 chapters-written by leading professionals working at the cutting-edge of nutrition research-deal with topics ranging from generalized undernutrition, iron and iodine deficiencies, neonatal feed- ing, short-term food deprivation, parasitic infection, and psychological deprivation. In addition, the book evaluates results from early childhood interventions, including nutritional supplementation and psychosocial stimulation, as well as interventions in later childhood, such as school feeding and deworming programs. The authors focus on children in less developed countries, but the material also touches on the problems of the many children in developed countries who are at risk of many of the conditions addressed here.
This publication will become invaluable to policymakers and international agencies, and it will also be a prized tool for professionals working in health, nutrition, and education.