Quality Assurance in Bacteriology and Immunology
Third edition
SEARO Regional Publication. South-East Asia Series, No. 47
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English     2012        182   pages
Table of contents
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Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Factors influencing quality
3. Overview of quality assurance
4. Quality management system
5. Organization and functions of laboratories
6. Documentation in the laboratory
7. Standard operating procedures
8. Validation
9. Assessment of quality
10. Quality audit and accreditation
11. Safety in the laboratory
12. Practice of quality assurance in clinical laboratory
13. Quality control of laboratory materials
14. Quality control of media and stains
15. Quality control of bacteriological techniques
16. Preservation of stock cultures
17. Quality assurance in antibiotic susceptibility testing
18. Quality control in serology
19. Quality control in sterilization and disinfection
20. Quality control for equipment
21. Suggested further reading
Annex 1: Contributors