Development of Food-based Dietary Guidelines for the Western Pacific Region
The Shift from Nutrients and Food Groups to Food Availability, Traditional Cuisine and Modern Foods in Relation to Emerging Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases
WPRO Nonserial Publication
WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific
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English     1999        68   pages
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Introduces the concept of food-based dietary guidelines as a powerful new tool for addressing the changing nutrition needs of Western Pacific countries. Food-based dietary guidelines, which emphasize specific foods, dishes, and local cuisines rather than nutrients or food groups, are considered an especially promising tool for the development of culturally sensitive dietary advice easily understood by consumers. The book, which gives particular attention to diet-related chronic diseases, is issued at a time when Western Pacific countries are experiencing dramatic urbanization, population ageing, changing lifestyles, and a corresponding upsurge in the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and other chronic diseases.
The book has four sections. The first introduces the concept and principles of food-based dietary guidelines and explains how they differ from traditional dietary recommendations. Section two profiles health and nutritional needs using illustrative examples taken from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Pacific islands, Philippines, Republic of Korea, and Viet Nam. A general discussion of sociocultural issues that affect dietary patterns is followed by an explanation of the ways that food-based dietary guidelines can contribute to food safety and food security. The remaining sections alert readers to the possible negative effects of dietary recommendations on agriculture and the environment, and set out guidelines for developing and implementing culturally sensitive dietary advice.