Fluorescence Microscopy for Disease Diagnosis and Environmental Monitoring
WHO Publications, Eastern Mediterranean Series, No 28
Sanborn, W.R., Heuck, C.C., El Aouad, R., Storch, W.B.
WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean
ISBN-13    9789290213956 ISBN-10    9290213956
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English     2005        327   pages
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Laboratories should be more aware of the advantages of using fluorescence microscopy. This manual provides information on the principles of fluorescence microscopy and practical advice on the preparation of samples for many simple applications for diagnosing disease and monitoring environmental contamination using a fluorescence microscope.
The publication puts emphasis on procedures for direct, rapid identification of microorganisms causing a disease. The practical steps of indirect immunofluorescence microscopy for the diagnosis of noncommunicable diseases are also considered.