Concise International Chemical Assessment Document, No 68
World Health Organization
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English     2006        120   pages
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Tetrachloroethene is used mainly in the dry cleaning of textiles, as a chemical intermediate and in metal degreasing. This report evaluates the available scientific literature on the health and environmental effects of tetrachloroethene based on selected national and regional evaluations. Of key interest is the relevance of several types of tumours included by tetrachloroethene in rats and mice. The report goes on to establish the criteria for setting tolerable intakes and concentrations taking into consideration the potential carcinogenicity, neurotoxicity, kidney, liver and reproductive/developmental toxicity and cancer. Environmental effects are assessed for terrestrial and aquatic organisms , sediment-dwelling organisms and micro-organisms in sewerage treatment processes. In addition the risks of harm to plants from air emissions of tetrachloroethene are discussed. Uncertainties in the risk assessment are set out for both human health and the environment.