Assuring the Quality of Health Care in the European Union
A Case for Action
EURO Nonserial Publication
Legido-Quigley, H., McKee, M., Nolte, E.., Glinos, I.A.
WHO Regional Office for Europe
ISBN-13    9789289071932 ISBN-10    9289071931
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English     2008        238   pages
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People have always travelled within Europe for work and leisure, although never before with the current intensity. Now, however, they are travelling for many other reasons, including the quest for key services such as health care. Whatever the reason for travelling, one question they ask is "If I fall ill, will the health care I receive be of a high standard?". This book examines, for the first time, the systems that have been put in place in all of the European Union's 27 Member States. The picture it paints is mixed. Some have well developed systems, setting standards based on the best available evidence, monitoring the care provided, and taking action where it falls short. Others need to overcome significant obstacles.