Public Health in Austria
An Analysis of the Status of Public Health
Ladurner. J., Gerger, M., Holland, W.W., Moss, E., Merkur, S., Stewart, S., Irwin, R., Soffri, J.
WHO Regional Office for Europe
ISBN-13    9789289002493 ISBN-10    9289002492
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English     2011        379   pages
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This book explores the key challenges facing Austria's public health system. Set firmly in the context of the history, scope, functions and responsibilities of public health in developed countries, it examines how the Austrian system has developed and adapted over the last 50 years to the benefit of the population. It also looks at the challenges presented by life in the 21st century.

The book draws on both national research and expert interviews to present a fully-rounded picture. This shows that the public health system in Austria is struggling to maintain essential services and develop policies for improvement, and the study proposes strategies and policies to tackle these developments, looking in particular at change within the fields of education, research and training.

This book is essential reading for policy-makers, advisers and analysts interested in developing a public health strategy and competence in both developed and developing countries, as well as researchers interested in the Austrian health system.