Pesticide Residues in Food - 2010
Evaluations 2010, Part II - Toxicological
WHO Pesticide Residues in Food, No 26
World Health Organization
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This volume contains toxicological monographs that were prepared by the 2010 Joint FAO/WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues (JMPR), which met in Rome on 21-30 September 2010. The monographs in this volume summarize the safety data on 11 pesticides that could leave residues in food commodities. These pesticides are chlorothalonil metabolite R611965, clothianidin, cyproconazole, dicamba, dithianon, etoxazole, flubendiamide, fluopyram, meptyldinocap, tebuconazole and thiamethoxam. The data summarized in the toxicological monographs served as the basis for the acceptable daily intakes and acute reference doses that were established by the Meeting.

This volume and previous volumes of JMPR toxicological evaluations, many of which were published in the FAO Plant Production and Protection Paper series, contain information that is useful to companies that produce pesticides, government regulatory officers, industrial testing laboratories, toxicological laboratories and universities.