World Health Report 2005 (The)
Make every Mother and Child Count
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World Health Organization
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"Public health programmes need to work together so that all families have access to a continuum of care that extends from pregnancy (and even before), through childbirth and on into childhood, instead of the often fragmented services available at present". - Dr LEE Jong-wook, Director-General, WHO

The World Health Report 2005 - Make Every Mother and Child Count examines the reasons why so many children under five years of age and women in pregnancy, during childbirth or soon after continue to die from causes that are largely preventable - and how the annual toll can be reduced.

This year, almost 11 million children under five years of age will die. Among them are 4 million babies who will not survive the first month of life. On top of that, 3.3 million babies will be stillborn. At the same time, about half a million women will die in pregnancy, childbirth or soon after.

The report contains an expert analysis of the obstacles to progress in maternal, newborn and child health, and a comprehensive series of recommendations aimed at overcoming them. It says that the interventions exist today to transform the lives of millions of mothers and children and to prevent millions of tragically premature deaths.

To put an end to widespread exclusion, countries must guarantee access to care for each and every mother and child - through a continuum that extends from pregnancy through childbirth, the neonatal period and childhood. The report says that universal access for mothers and children requires health systems to be able to respond to the needs and demands of the population, and to offer them protection against the financial hardship that results from ill-health.

The report argues that maternal, newborn and child health should constitute the core of health entitlements protected and funded through public funds and social health insurance systems.

Children are the future of society and their mothers are guardians of that future.