Tributyltin Compounds
Environmental Health Criteria No 116
World Health Organization
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English     1990        273   pages
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Evaluates risks to human health and the environment posed by the use of tributyltin compounds as molluscicides, as antifoulants on boats, ships, quays, buoys, and equipment in the fishing industry, as wood preservatives, and as slimicides on masonry. These compounds pose a particular threat to the marine environment in view of their documented high toxicity to aquatic organisms, including commercially important shellfish.
Tributyltin compounds are observed to be toxic to microorganisms and highly toxic to oysters, mussels, and other marine molluscs consumed by humans. A review of field observations, which are in good agreement with laboratory findings, confirms the association between use of these compounds in the marine environment and mortality, malformations, and population decline of molluscs. The remaining sections evaluate findings from experimental studies and observations in occupationally exposed humans. The book concludes that tributyltin compounds are a severe irritant to human skin and an extreme irritant to the eye, and that inhalation of aerosols can have especially hazardous effects on the respiratory tract. Despite the large body of experimental studies documenting toxicity, the book was unable to quantify the risk to humans posed by the consumption of contaminated fish and shellfish.
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