Vinylidene Chloride
Environmental Health Criteria No 100
World Health Organization
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English     1990        187   pages
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Evaluates the environmental hazards and risks to human health posed by the production and use of vinylidene chloride. Vinylidene chloride/vinyl chloride copolymers are used for the packaging of foods, as metal coatings in storage tanks, building structures, and tapes, and as moulded filters, valves, and pipe fittings. Food packaging applications include both commercial packaging films and household wraps.
The most extensive sections evaluate the design and findings of studies, in experimental animals and in vitro test systems, attempting to link exposure to specific health hazards. Research, including studies of possible carcinogenic and mutagenic effects, indicates that the main health hazards associated with exposure are irritation of the skin and eye and depressed functions of the central nervous system. The report concludes that the general population is exposed to very low levels of this chemical, that risks associated with long-term occupational exposure warrant special precautions, and that an evaluation of carcinogenic risk to humans must await further epidemiological studies. The release of vinylidene chloride into the atmosphere is not considered likely to contribute to the depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer.
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