WHO Evaluation Practice Handbook
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World Health Organization
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The Evaluation Practice Handbook offers comprehensive information and practical guidance on how to prepare for and conduct evaluations in WHO, and gives guidance on the utilization and follow-up of evaluation results and recommendations. Most importantly, it shows how an evaluation culture can be mainstreamed throughout WHO, outlining stakeholders responsibilities and supporting our staff to commission or carry out high-quality evaluations in accordance with WHO s policy, that conform to current best practices and the norms and standards of the United Nations Evaluation Group.

This handbook clarifies roles and responsibilities in evaluation and documents processes, methods and associated tools. It describes the main phases of an evaluation ¡V i.e. planning, conducting the evaluation, reporting, and managing and communicating outcomes ¡V and provides operational guidance and templates to assist those responsible for evaluations to comply with the Organization¡¦s evaluation policy.

The handbook is divided into two parts:
Part One (chapters 1 and 2) covers the definition, objectives, principles and management of evaluation in WHO.
Part Two (chapters 3¡V6) provides practical guidance on preparing for and conducting an evaluation, detailing the main steps to carrying out a quality evaluation in compliance with WHO¡¦s evaluation policy (Fig. 1).

Annexes provide templates, standard documents and a glossary that can be used for the different phases of the evaluation process.