WHO Qualityrights Tool Kit
Assessing and Improving Quality and Human Rights in Mental Health and Social Care Facilities (With CD-Rom)
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World Health Organization
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All over the world, people with mental disabilities, intellectual disabilities and substance abuse problems are subject to poor-quality care and violations of their human rights. Mental health services fail to integrate evidence-based treatment and practices, resulting in poor recovery outcomes. The stigma associated with these conditions means that people experience exclusion, rejection and marginalization by society. Misconceptions about people with such disabilities - that they are incapable of making decisions or taking care of themselves, that they are dangerous or objects of pity and welfare - mean they face discrimination in all aspects of life. They are denied opportunities to work, to get an education and to live fulfilling, independent lives in the community.

The aim of the WHO QualityRights tool kit is to support countries in assessing and improving the quality and human rights of their mental health and social care facilities.

The tool kit is based on an extensive international review by people with mental disabilities and their organizations. It has been pilot-tested in low-, middle- and high-income countries and is designed to be applied in all of these resource settings.

The toolkit contains four supporting modules:
. Interview Tool
. Review of documents & Observation Tool
. Facility-based Assessment Report
. Country-wide Assessment Report