Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases: Guidelines for Primary Health Care in Low Resource Settings
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World Health Organization
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Table of contents
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Table of contents
I Diagnosis and management of type 2 diabetes in primary health care in low-resource settings
1 Abbreviations
2 Executive Summary
3 Background
4 Objectives and target audience
5 Funding and declaration of interest
6 Methodology and process
Scope of the guideline
Identification and generation of evidence
Formulation of recommendations
Risks and benefits
Strength of recommendations
Peer review
7 Adaptation and implementation
8 Update
9 Format and dissemination
10 Impact and quality of guideline
11 Recommendations and evidence
A. Diagnosing diabetes
B. Glycaemic control
Advice on diet and physical activity
Metformin vs diet only
Metformin vs placebo
C. Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetic 27 Nephropathy
Antihypertensive treatment
Choice of antihypertensive agent
D. Prevention of lower limb amputations
E. Prevention of blindness
F. Severe hypoglycaemia
G. Hyperglycaemic emergencies
12 Reference List
Annex 1. Benefits and harms of recommendations

II Management of Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in primary health care in low-resource settings
1 Abbreviations
2 Executive Summary
3 Recommendations 75 Management of stable asthma
Management of exacerbation of asthma
Management of stable COPD
Management of exacerbation of COPD
4 Methodology used to prepare the guideline
Identification of important outcomes
Search strategy, selection criteria, data collection and judgement
Identification of important outcomes
Annex 3. PICOT questions
Annex 4. GRADE tables
Annex 5: Search strategies
Asthma sear strategies
COPD search strategies (PubMed)
Annex 6. References (systematic reviews)
Annex 7: Summary of recommendations
Diagnosis and management of asthma
Diagnosis and management of stable COPD
Members of the guideline development group