How to Integrate Water, Sanitation and Hygiene into HIV Programmes
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World Health Organization
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Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practices are essential for maintaining people's health and dignity. People with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have an increased risk of diarrhoeal diseases, which can decrease their life expectancy and quality of life, and increase the burden on their families and caregivers. Furthermore, exposure to diarrhoeal diseases can weaken the resilience of families struggling to cope with the challenges of HIV.

The benefits of integrating WASH practices into HIV care and support programmes are clear. However, information on how to integrate these practices has only emerged recently, and has not yet been applied to HIV policies and programmes at the national level. This document is the first comprehensive guide to integrating WASH practices into HIV care. It was written in response to requests from countries and programmes for clear instruction on developing care programmes at the national level. There is a need for all WASH and HIV practitioners to work diligently to integrate WASH practices into HIV care, and to document, share and promote their experiences widely to improve people's lives.