Alcohol and Injuries
Emergency Department Studies in an International Perspective
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World Health Organization
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Table of contents

Section I. Epidemiology of alcohol and injury in emergency department studies
Chapter 1. Risk of injury associated with alcohol and alcohol-related injury
Chapter 2. Variation in alcohol-related injury by type abd cause of injury
Chapter 3. Causality and causal attribution of alcohol injuries
Chapter 4. Alcohol-attributable injury in a global perspective

Section II. Issues related to emergency department studies
Chapter 5. An overview of epidemiological emergency room studies of injury and alcohol
Chapter 6. Aggregate versus individual data as bases for modeling the impact of alcohol on injury
Chapter 7. Methods ofepidemiological studies in the emergency department
Chapter 8. Conceptual issues in emergency room studies and paths forward

Section III. Identifying alcohol-related injuries in the emergency department
Chapter 9. The relation between blood alcohol content and clinically assessed intoxication: lessons from applying the ICD-10 Y90 and Y91 codes in the emergency room
Chapter 10. Surveillance and monitoring of acute alcohol-related problems in the emergency room

Part IV. Screening and brief intervention in the emergency departments
Chapter 11. Evidence-based emergency department screening and brief intervention for alcohol problems
Chapter 12. Implementing brief interventions: a series of five papers
Chapter 13. Potential impact on screening and brief intervention programs in emergency care settings

Section V. Application and implications of findings from emergency department studies
Chapter 14. Practical experiences in five diverse cultural circumstances
Chapter 15. Community context and emergency room research: Two solitudes or opportunities for collaboration
Chapter 16. Community prevention of alcohol-involved injuries: The role of emergency room studies
Chapter 17. Alcohol policy and public health implications in the U.S. context
Chapter 18. Implications of emergency department studies for alcohol policy in a European context
Chapter 19. Alcohol policy and public health implication in a global perspective