Microbiological Hazards in Fresh Leafy Vegetables and Herbs. Meeting Report
Microbiological Risk Assessment Series, No. 14
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World Health Organization
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Problems linked with pathogens in fresh produce, including the associated public health and trade implications, have been reported in a number of countries worldwide. Furthermore, from 1980 to 2004, the global production per annum of fruit and vegetables grew by 94% and fruit and vegetables are a critical component of a healthy diet. Thus, ensuring the safety of these products is of high importance. Reported outbreaks associated with leafy vegetables and herbs have been notable for the wide geographical distribution of the contaminated products, the high numbers of consumers exposed and thus the large number of cases. This meeting addressed the pathways for contamination, survival and persistence of microbiological hazards associated with leafy vegetables and herbs, and the potential management options from primary production through to the consumer. Consideration was given to all aspects of the farm to fork continuum, i.e. pre-harvest and post-harvest.