Skin Sensitization in Chemical Risk Assessment
IPCS Harmonization Project Document, No. 5
Nonserial Publication
World Health Organization
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English     2008        89   pages
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This Harmonization Project Document presents the conclusions of an IPCS Workshop on Skin Sensitization in Chemical Risk Assessment. The workshop focused on the question of methods for dose-response assessment, to evaluate the relative ability of a chemical to induce sensitization in the skin, and hence inform risk assessment for humans. In addition this publication includes a series of short articles on this topic by leading experts in the field.

The conclusions of the workshop cover such aspects as the nature and utility for risk assessment of the data produced by non-animal test methods (such as quantitative structure-activity relationships), in vitro testing approaches, animal test methods, and epidemiological studies. While traditional animal test methods used for identification and regulation of skin sensitizers have focused on determining whether or not a substance is a sensitizer, this report describes the use of tests for deriving more informative potency information. This book will be useful to toxicologists, researchers, regulatory authorities and industry.