Quality of Care
A Process for Making Strategic Choices in Health Systems
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Bengoa, R., Kawar, R., Key, P., Leatherman, S., Saturno, P.
World Health Organization
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English     2006        46   pages
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This guide provides decision-makers and managers at the country level with a systematic process which will allow them to design and implement effective interventions to promote quality in health systems. Conceived as a capacity-building tool in health-care, this guide focuses particular attention on individuals who have a strategic responsibility for quality. It has been designed to assist self-assessment and serve as a discussion guide so that decision-makers and interested parties involved in quality of care can work together to find answers for their own setting. The guide describes an approach for decision-making at country level, to make informed strategic interventions for predictable quality improvement. It also describes six generic domains where quality interventions could be made. They are intended to help policy-makers address quality issues at a more strategic level.

The document is divided into four sections.
Section 1, Background and assumptions: context and rationale for developing this process.
Section 2, Basic concepts in quality: simple working definitions of what is meant by quality in the context of health and health care, and describes various roles and responsibilities which apply to quality improvement in any health system.
Section 3, A process for building a strategy for quality: choosing interventions, describes a decision-making process for policy-makers, which includes seven elements related to initial analysis, strategy development, and implementation. Within element 5 of the decision-making process, special emphasis has been given to describing the various interventions for quality in the six principal domains.
Section 4, Annexes, provides two tools:
A. A self-assessment questionnaire for detailed analysis of Element 5 of the decision-making process.
B. A matrix to map quality interventions by the various roles and responsibilities in a health system.