Water Treatment and Pathogen Control
Process Efficiency in Achieving Safe Drinking-Water
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LeChevallier, M.W., Kwok-Keung, A.
World Health Organization
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English     2004        131   pages
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Contamination of drinking-water by microbial pathogens can cause disease outbreaks and contribute to background rates of disease. There are many treatment options for controlling pathogens from drinking-water. Finding the right solution for a particular supply involves choosing from a range of processes.
This book provides a critical review of literature on removal and inactivation of pathogenic microbes in water. It aims to guide water quality specialists and design engineers in selecting treatment processes to ensure the production of high quality drinking-water. Water treatment and Pathogen Control is a supporting volume to WHO's Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality. It provides information on choosing appropriate treatment in relation to raw water quality, estimating pathogen concentrations in drinking-water, assessing the ability of treatment processes to achieve health-based water safety targets and identifying control measures in process operation.
Effective water safety management is possible through the development and application of 'Water Safety Plans' - as described in WHO's Guidelines. These Plans are supported by a quantitative understanding of how processes and actions affect water quality through application of risk assessment as outlined in this book.