Assessing Microbial Safety of Drinking Water
Improving Approaches and Methods
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World Health Organization
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English     2003        295   pages
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Inadequate drinking water and sanitation are amongst the world's major causes of preventable morbidity and mortality. This book provides a state-of-the-art review on approaches and methods used in assessing the microbial safety of drinking water. It supports the rapidly emerging trend towards preventive management and a broader, system-wide outlook. It supports a framework for water safety which extends from resource to consumer and is based on rigorous risk assessment and risk management. The book offers guidance on the selection and use of available indicators alongside operational monitoring to meet specific information needs. It looks at potential applications of "new" technologies and emerging methods.

The book includes chapters by eminent authorities/recognised experts dealing with aspects of: parameters for assessing water quality; assessment of risk; catchment characterisation and source water quality; treatment efficiency; monitoring water quality in storage and distribution; surveillance and investigation of contamination events and waterborne outbreaks; and analytical methods.

"...This is a valuable guidebook for testing drinking water quality and assessing microbial safety, which extends from resource to consumer, and is based on rigorous risk assessment..."
-Indian Journal of Medical Research