Towards Adulthood
Exploring the Sexual and Repoductive Health of Adolescents in South Asia
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World Health Organization
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English     2003        244   pages
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This pioneering book provides a comprehensive overview of the socio-demographic and sexual and reproductive health situation of adolescents in South Asia. It presents available evidence about the health risks and challenges that young people face in five South Asian countries-Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, as well as insights from other Asian settings, notably China and Thailand. The chapters in this volume are detailed summaries of papers and panel discussions from an international conference entitled "Adolescent Reproductive Health: Evidence and Programme Implications for South Asia", held in November 2000 in Mumbai, India. Participants from more than 13 countries attended the conference, including researchers, service providers, programme managers, government representatives, policy-makers, representatives of international and donor agencies and young people themselves.
The volume covers a wide range of issues, including: factors that undermine adolescents' ability to make informed sexual and reproductive choices; the social context and health consequences of early marriage and childbearing; the sexual behaviour and attitudes of adolescents before marriage; sexual coercion against young people; the extent to which adolescents take measures to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs); abortion among married and unmarried adolescents; the physiological, behavioural and social risk factors surrounding STIs/HIV among adolescents; communication between adolescents and adults; and the extent to which family relationships can be dominated by fear and violence.
The evidence presented in this collection was drawn from a diverse set of research studies, programme evaluations and literature reviews. The papers explore the situation of different groups of young people, ranging from low-income urban college students, to rural adolescent mothers, to nationally representative samples of young people. The methods used to collect this evidence included quantitative surveys, small case studies using in-depth interviews and focus group discussions and various kinds of programme evaluations.