Advocacy for Mental Health
Mental Health Policy and Service Guidance Package
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World Health Organization
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English     2003        67   pages
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Mental health advocacy is a relatively new concept, developed with a view to reducing stigma and discrimination, and promoting the human rights of people with mental disorders. It consists of various actions aimed at changing the major structural and attitudinal barriers to achieving positive mental health outcomes in populations. This module draws attention to the importance of advocacy in mental health policy and service development. The roles of various mental health groups in advocacy are outlined. Practical steps are then recommended, indicating how ministries of health can support advocacy.

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Improving Access and Use of Psychotropic Medicines

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Policies and Plans

Mental Health Policy, Plans and Programmes. Updated version

Mental Health Context

Mental Health Financing

Advocacy for Mental Health

Quality Improvement for Mental Health

Organization of Services for Mental Health

Planning and Budgeting to Deliver Services for Mental Health

Mental Health Legislation and Human Rights

Mental Health Policies and Programmes in the Workplace

Mental Health Information Systems

Human Resources and Training in Mental Health

Monitoring and Evaluation of Mental Health Policies and Plans