Health Systems Performance Assessment
Debates, Methods and Empiricism
Nonserial Publication
Murray, C.J.L., Evans, D.
World Health Organization
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English     2003        953   pages
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" This volumes brings together in one place the substance of many key debates and reports, methodological advances, and new empiricism reflecting the evolution of the WHO approach for health systems performance assessment"

"WHO, by fostering a common framework and language for health systems analysis, can help various national actors identify end-goals and the means to achieve them."

This volume reports on a large body of work led by the World Health Organization that is intended to strengthen the foundations for evidence-based policies aimed at health systems development. This has included work to develop a common conceptual framework for health systems performance assessment, to encourage the development of tools to measure its components, and to collaborate with countries in applying these tools to measure and then to improve health systems performance. It began with the enunciation of a framework that specified a parsimonious set of key goals to which health systems contribute, and the first set of figures on goal attainment and health system efficiency in countries that were Members of the Organization was published in The World Health Report 2000.
This book provides a uniquely comprehensive exploration of many different facets of health systems performance assessment. It will be relevant for researchers, students and decision-makers seeking a more detailed understanding of concepts, methods and the latest empirical findings. While most authors in this volume take a global perspective, the findings have important implications for the development of national performance frameworks and the creation of a culture of accountability.

"... Have you ever wondered how the health system in your country performs relative to those in 190 other countries across the globe? If you have, then you will get a good insight from Murray and Evan's 953 paged volume...This book serves as a fundamental reference volume on ongoing efforts to strengthen the evidence-base for assessing the levels of attainment of key goals of health systems worldwide, and a road map so that health systems can maximize their potential to improve people's health and well-being..."
- The Journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health