Establishing a Dialogue on Risks from Electromagnetic Fields
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World Health Organization
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English     2002        74   pages
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Public concern over possible health effects from electromagnetic fields (EMF) has led to the preparation of this handbook. Potential risks of EMF exposure from facilities such as power lines or mobile phone base stations present a difficult set of challenges for decision-makers. The challenges include determining if there is a hazard from EMF exposure and what the potential health impact is. Responding to these challenges requires the involvement of individuals or organizations with the right set of competencies, combining relevant scientific expertise, strong communication skills and good judgement in the management and regulatory areas. This handbook is intended to support decision-makers faced with a combination of public controversy, scientific uncertainty, and the need to operate existing facilities and/or the requirement to site new facilities appropriately. Its goal is to improve the decision-making process by reducing misunderstandings and improving trust through better dialogue. The guide may assist the general public when interacting with government agencies that regulate environmental health, and with companies whose facilities may be sources of concern. References and suggestions for further reading are included.