WHO Manual of Diagnostic Imaging (The). Radiographic Anatomy and Interpretation of the Musculoskeletal System
Nonserial Publication
Davies, A.M., Pettersson, H.
World Health Organization
ISBN-13    9789241545556 ISBN-10    9241545550
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English     2002        203   pages
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WHO in collaboration with the International Commission for Radiologic Education (ICRE) of the International Society of Radiology (ISR) and the other members of the Global Steering Group for Education and Training in Diagnostic Imaging is creating a series of "Manuals of Diagnostic Imaging". The full series of manuals will primarily cover the examination techniques and interpretation of conventional diagnostic X-ray procedures. These manuals will replace and update the WHO Manual of Radiographic Interpretation for General Practitioners and the WHO Manual of Radiographic Technique.
The present volume in this series, the manual Radiographic Anatomy and Interpretation of the Musculoskeletal System, provides an exhaustive description of radiographic normal anatomy as well as pathologic changes most frequently seen in musculoskeletal system including trauma, infections in bone and joints, metabolic, endocrine, and toxic disorders, tumours, congenital and developmental disorders.
Backed by high-quality reproduction of radiographs, this manual will prove essential reading to general practitioners, medical specialists, radiographers and radiologists in any medical settings, although focusing specifically on needs in small and mid-size hospitals.
"... the books are well researched, inexpensive, and belong to the limited number of radiological teaching and textbooks that will find a broad public and still be up to date 10 years from now."-- Dr Peter A. Rinck, Diagnostic Imaging-Europe

"...The manual covers a very large field in a concise and practical manner and will be of great benefit to medical practitioners, radiographers, medical students and even registrars in radiology starting off their studies..."
- South African Medical Journal

"... This manual provides comprehensive coverage of radiographic anatomy and pathology of the musculoskeletal system, set out simply and without fuss. It is easy to read and use as a reference."-- Dr David Connell, Diagnostic Imaging-Europe