Community Emergency Preparedness: A Manual for Managers and Policy-Makers
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World Health Organization
ISBN-13    9789241545198 ISBN-10    9241545194
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English     1999        147   pages
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A guide to policies, procedures, and planning techniques that can help mitigate the consequences of natural and man-made disasters. Addressed to managers in health administrations, hospitals, public works, and volunteer organizations, the manual draws on abundant evidence that emergency preparedness can help stricken communities limit the consequences of emergencies and overcome them at an early stage. With this goal in mind, the manual covers the full range of considerations needed to identify vulnerable populations, predict the likelihood and consequences of emergencies, and plan for an appropriate response.
The manual has six chapters. The first introduces the concepts of emergency preparedness and vulnerability reduction, and explains their importance in the context of several recent trends. Chapter two, on policy development, identifies eleven policy issues and lists various options that can help guide decisions.
Against this background, chapter three describes a series of steps, supported by different analytical and assessment techniques, for an analysis of hazards aimed at identifying vulnerable populations, determining the likelihood of an emergency, and gauging its effects. Chapter four provides an outline of the principles of emergency planning, followed by a detailed guide to each step in the process. The remaining chapters address the need for training and education of vulnerable communities, and outline procedures for monitoring and evaluation. The book concludes with tables for gauging the scale of damage caused by wind storms, hurricane disasters, earthquakes, landslides, and volcanic eruptions.