Women's Health and Human Rights
The Promotion and Protection of Women's Health Through International Human Rights Law
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Cook, R.J.
World Health Organization
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English     1994        69   pages
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Explores the ways in which international treaties on human rights can be used as a mechanism for improving the health of women. Arguing that the inferior health status of women can be viewed as a violation of international agreements, the book aims to identify the specific rights, embodied in these treaties, that affect women's health and can thus be used as a lever to press for conditions conducive to greater equality and better health. Throughout the book, a special effort is made to point out the many new lines of action that arise when the health risks associated with women's low status are viewed as a violation of international human rights agreements.
The first chapter describes the evolution of international human rights relevant to women's health and shows how specific universal and regional international instruments can provide a framework for understanding the nature of State obligations to improve women's health. Evidence of the pervasive neglect of women's health is reviewed in the second chapter, which points to a number of health risks, present from birth through old age, that are uniquely experienced by women and closely linked to society's tendency to "devalue" their importance. Chapter three considers the key questions of how compliance with a right is determined and how breach of the right can be established. The fourth and most extensive chapter summarizes each of the main health-related rights of women embodied in the international treaties and explains how these rights can be invoked to provide relief, remedy, and preventive interventions. The remaining chapters discuss some of the judicial processes available to promote women's health and issue a call for greater initiative in the use of these mechanisms.
"... excellent ... gathers in one place all the relevant international statements that offer guidance concerning fundamental human rights that are related to health care for women ... a valuable resource ... a challenge and an invitation..."
- Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics
"... a useful attempt to place current issues about women's health across the world within the framework of the language and law of human rights..."
- Health Economics